How To Cancel FreedomPop Account Without Hassle

FreedomPop is a wireless internet provider based in Los Angeles, California. There are lots of services this telecommunication company offers in some selected countries such as U.S, U.K etc.

If you want to terminate freedom pop account then we can help you here. In this article, we guide you through the complete process of cancelling the freedompop account in step by step guides.

Things To Consider Before You Delete Your Freedompop Account

There are some important things you must know before deleting your freedompop account.

  • Remember To Transfer FreedomPop Number Before Detecting Your Account
  • Once’s you delete your account you can access to the Freedompop service

If you cancel freedompop account, you may not be able to transfer your phone number to other telecommunication service provider. So before processing any further make sure you completely transfer your freedompop phone number before terminating freedompop services.

How To Cancel Freedompop SIM card 

There are two ways to terminate Freedompop services you can either manually cancel your account to deactivate freedompop sim card. The second option is to call Freedompop customer service and request a cancel your services.

Cancelling Freedompop Account In 5 Steps

Follow the step by step guide to cancel freedompop account in a sailing way.

Step 1:

Login into your Freedompop Account

Step 2:

At the top right icon where you see your name. Click on the settings icons (gear icon as shown in the given screenshot).

Step 3:

Open “Account Status” given at the bottom of the settings list.

Step 4:

Click on the Cancel Button to deactivate freedompop services.

Cancel Freedompop Account Via Freedompop Customer Service

In case if you have additional queries or else you cannot able to terminate your freedompop account using above guides. The freedompop customer service representative will help to stop or deactivated sim card in few simple steps.

To cancel freedompop service you’ve to contact freedompop customer care over the phone freedompop customer service phone number ((888) 743-8107).

Dail the number given above once’s connected over the cell phone follow given steps.

Step 1: 

After dialling the number press 1 for self-help

Step 2:

Enter the phone number for the account you would like to address.

Step 3:

Now Finally, press 3 for cancellation.


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