How To Cancel SaleHoo Subscription

Cancel SaleHoo Subscription

Salehoo is an online based e-commerce company based in New Zealand as we all its one of the trending websites specialized in global trading between wholesalers and retailers. You can sailing create an account in Salehoo and terminate.

The Company offers a Salehoo Membership for its customer to get extra service that the company bestows. You’ve purchased a membership to get coupons, discount and lot more as a merchant or retailer.

How To Cancel SaleHoo Subscription

In case if you want to cancel Salehoo membership you can easily cancel it without having a hassle. Generally, there are two ways to cancel subscription of Salehoo. However, we recommend you to use SaleHoo customer service support in which you’ve to send an email to the company and request for cancellation of the membership.

Follow the below-given step by step guides to successfully cancel your subscription.

Step 1:

Go to the SaleHoo Contact page.

Step 2:

Fill the contact form with your details such as name, email address etc.

Step 3:

In the last box “Details of your question”. Explain why you want to cancel your subscription and request to cancel my subscription in the last line.

Step 4:

Click on the Send Question button.

How Do I Know My Subscription Was Cancelled

When the company received your email it will send you a reply. In which you’ve to give a reason for terminating your membership and the company will cancel your subscription immediately. As a verification, you also get an email that your Membership is cancelled.

How DO I Contact SaleHoo Customer Service

If you have an additional question you can contact to Sale Customer Service representative or else live chat to resolve your issues. In case if you cannot able to cancel SaleHoo Membership using above guides then you can also cancel your subscription over the phone.

SaleHoo Customer Service Phone Number: (888-881-8703)

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