How To Cancel Showtime Subscription

How do I cancel my showtime subscription? If you’re seeking proper guides for cancelling Showtime Membership. In this case, you’ve visited on the right place, In this article, we going to show how you can cancel Showtime subscription without taking help of anyone.

How To Cancel Showtime | Cancel Showtime Subscription | Step by Step Guides

There are more than 3 ways to cancel showtime membership and we going to show you all the possible ways to terminate showtime subscription from your laptop.

Cancel Showtime Subscription | Via Showtime Official Website

You can easily cancel your Showtime subscription from showtime official website. Just follow below given step by step instructions.

Step 1:

Go to the from your cell phone or else notebook web browser.

Step 2:

Sign into your Showtime Account using your Email address and password.

Step 3:

Go to the Profile, In the upper right corner and Navigate to the Settings.  Go to Settings >Your Subscription.

Step 4:

Now select “Cancel Your Subscription”  and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5:

In the last step, hit the Continue button to successfully cancelled your subscription.

How To Cancel Showtime on Amazon

You can also cancel your showtime streaming service and auto-renewal from Amazon website. Else from Amazo Fire Tablet.

Step 1:

Go to and login into your Amazon account.

Step 2:

Navigate to the “Your Account” (at upper right corner ). Move mouse on the Your Account Menu, a list will appear as a drop-down menu. Select “Your Android Apps And Devices”.

Step 3:

On Android Apps and Devices page, Navigate to the “Your Subscription” in the left side menu.

Step  4:

Your subscriptions list will appear on your screen. Choose the SHOWTIME subscription and click on the Cancel button to terminate your subscription plan.

how to cancel showtime subscription on Amazon Fire Tablet, Tap on the “Apps” sections after that tap on “Store”. Now navigate to the Subscriptions from the menu. Just select Showtime Subscription and hit the cancel subscription button. Same goes for Amazon Appstore open subscription list and choose the company subscription and cancel it.

Showtime Customer Service | How do I cancel showtime on Amazon

You can also contact Showtime customer service for more deeply help. In case if you’ve any issues or problems regarding showtime or above steps can’t able to cancel your Showtime subscription. For this pick up your cell phone and dial Showtime customer service phone number.

Showtime Customer Phone Number : (877)4-SHOWTIME,  ((877)474-6984)

When you’re connected to the showtime customer care representative. Explain your issues to them in details for cancellation of your subscription ask to cancel subscription they will ask for some of your account details. As a confirmation, you’ll receive an automatic email from Showtime “Your Showtime Subscription Plan is Cancel”.

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