How To Cancel Easyjet Flight Do I Have Pay Easyjet Cancellation Fee

EasyJet is a British airline which covers more than 800 airways in 30 countries. You can easily book an airline ticket using EasyJet website. However, you’re here to know how to cancel EasyJet flight using the laptop or another electronic device that connect to the internet.

Generally, there are two ways to cancel EasyJet flight you can either cancel flight using EasyJet website or else you can contact to EasyJet Customer Service Center using a phone number. Here we guide to both ways to cancel the day before flight ticket.

Index of

Things To Consider About EasyJet Cancellation

There are some important things you must consider before cancellation of your EasyJet flight. Such as EasyJet Cancellation fees or EasyJet Cancellation Refund Policy.

  • EasyJet Cancellation Fees When I Cancel My EasyJet Flight
  • How To Get Refund From EasyJet When I Cancel My Flight
  • Are Easyjet flights Refundable
  • EasyJet Cancellation Policy

If you’ve any enquire regarding EasyJet Flight Cancellation you can sailing contact EasyJet Customer Service representative for deep detailing. However, to know the process of cancelling EasyJet Flight keep reading.

Process To Cancel EasyJet Flight

  1. Login into your EasyJet Account from
  2. Navigate to your EasyJet Ticket and Fill Required Information For Your Flight
  3. Check If there are any Easyjet Flight Cancellation Fees when you cancel your Easyjet Flight Ticket.
  4. Connect to EasyJet Customer Service Phone Number To Cancel Flight

Its a process index which tells you to step by step guides to cancel flight ticket using your laptop or mobile devices. To know complete details read below given guides.

How To Cancel EasyJet Flight In 3 Steps

You can easily terminate your EasyJet Flight Ticket without going to EasyJet Help Center or taking any expert help. There are some simple steps that you’ve to follow to cancel your flight ticket.

Generally, there are two ways to cancel using EasyJet online Account or contacting to EasyJet Customer Support. We get you through both processes of cancellation.

EasyJet Cancellation Fee And Extra Charges

There are different charges for cancelling EasyJet Flight ticket based on how you cancel EasyJet Ticket.

  • Online Process – £25
  • Call Centre Support – £30
  • Earlier flight per passenger Online – £20
  • Rescue fee per passenger  Online – £80

Step 1:

Open EasyJet Website on your device web browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Now Login to your EasyJet Account using your username and password.

Note: If you don’t have Account EasyJet then in this case you’ve to cancel your ticket with the help of EasyJet Customer Support.

Step 2:

Go to Manage Booking Section, Navigate to the “Cancel A Flight Ticket” and open it.

Step 3:

Enter your Ticket Details in the cancellation form and review your details. Click on the Cancel button to successfully cancel your ticket.

How To Cancel EasyJet Ticket Via EasyJet Customer Service

In case if you find cancelling your EasyJet Ticket using EasyJet Customer Service is a better option. There is a simple process for contacting customer support of EasyJet.

Step 1:

Dial EasyJet cancellation number ( 0330 365 5000 ). When you’re contacted by Customer Service representative.

Step 2:

Request to cancel your ticket to the representative. The representative may request your ticket details.

Step 3:

When representative cancels your ticket, you get a confirmation email which means your ticket is cancelled successfully.

How Do I Get Refund When I Cancel My EasyJet Flight Ticket

According to the EasyJet Refund Policy, when you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking. Then on cancellation, you get the full refund on your credit or debit card. However, after that, you’ve to pay EasyJet Cancellation Fee that depends on your cancellation. If you cancel your fight using EasyJet website you’ve to £25. On another hand, if you request EasyJet Customer Service to cancel your flight it will charge a £30 fee for cancelling EasyJet flight ticket.

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