How To Cancel Blue Apron Account / Membership

cancel blue apron

How To Cancel Blue Apron Account? There are some easy troubleshooting steps that you’ve to follow to cancel blue apron account in few minutes. As you also know its one of the best platform to buy fresh ingredients and original recipes.

However, there are lots of reason for discontinuing Blue Apron Membership. I don’t ask you why you want to cancel the blue apron account. I just tell you proper steps to cancel your subscription.

Cancel Blue Apron Account – Step by Step Guides 

You can cancel your blue apron account in two ways you can either cancel subscription form your account or else you can call blue apron customer support center and cancel your membership.

How To Cancel Blue Apron Account And Membership

The easiest way to cancel blue apron membership is to contact apron customer support over the email. Just follow below given step by step guide.

Step 1:

Compose a new email to “” using your email support such as Gmail or  Yahoo.

Step 2:

When you compose a new email at the given address. Mention these following things before sending it.

Full Name 

Reason Why You Want To Cancel Membership

Membership Details

Best Regards 


 Step 3:

After this step, The Blue Apron contact you over this email and after this, they required some more details. After this, your blue apron has been cancelled in 2 to 3 working days.

Blue Apron Customer Service Phone Number 

For more, regarding your account cancellation, you can also contact blue apron customer service over the phone or email

How Do I Know My Blue Apron Account Has Been Cancelled 

After the following above steps. You’ll receive an email from Blue Apron Customer Support that your Blue Apron Membership has been cancelled. Which you means you’ve successfully cancelled your membership without having a hassle.

How To Cancel Blue Apron Order – Step By Step Guides

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to cancel any order that you have placed using Blue Apron.

Step 1

Go and login into your account.

Step 2

Now go to Manage Delivery page. Given at the right side of the delivery date of your order.

Step 3

Click on the “Skip This Delivery “ button to cancel your order.

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