How To Cancel Dascomb Wine Club Membership

Cancel Dascomb Wine Club Membership

If you want to cancel Dascomb Wine Club Membership? Here we can help you out there is an easy step by step guide given below that help you to know how you can cancel wine club membership without having a hassle. As we know Dascomb Cellars service known wine delivery but for this, you’ve purchased a membership to order wine form Dascomb Cellars.

Now, if you want or need to cancel Dascomb Cellars Membership then here all you need to know.

Things To Consider Before You Cancel Dascomb Cellars Membership

There are important points that you must read before you terminate your Dascomb Cellars Wine Membership. To be secure from paying extra money after cancellation.

  • The members are required to pick up their club wines within 30 days of the billing period.
  • There will not be any cancellations accepted within 15 days of an upcoming wine shipment.
  • The Dascomb Wine Cancellation fee may be required for premium members.
  • Any other relevant point.

Dascomb Cellars Membership Cancellation Fee

According to the Dascomb Cellars Cancellation Policy, the cancellation fee will be $50 for Silver & Ruby Memberships once 4 wine shipments have been taken. Gold & Garnet Memberships once 2 wine shipments have been taken.

The members may cancel their membership club within 15 days to avoid extra charges and fees.

How To Cancel Dascomb Wine Membership | Step by Step Guides

Generally, there are two ways to cancel Dascomb membership you can write them an email for cancellation or else you can contact Dascomb Customer Service and ask them to cancel your membership. We going to show you both ways in this tutorial.

Cancel Dascomb Wine Subscription Over The Email Support

Compose a new email on your email client to and in subject write “I want to cancel My Dascomb Wine Membership”. In message request them that you want to cancel wine club membership and provide them with some of your personal information likely be your Name, Phone Number etc.

The Dascomb Cellars Customer Service will contact you over the email once you send them the cancellation request email. And after some sort of verification, they will cancel your wine subscription. Remember may the cancellation fee required.

Cancel Dascomb Wine Membership Over The Phone

You can also cancel your wine club membership over the phone. Just pick your cell phone and Dial Dascomb Wine Customer Service Phone Number and ask them to speak to a representative once’s your phone line connected to the wine club representative ask them to cancel your membership.

  • Dascomb Cellars Customer Service Number: 805-691-9175

They may ask you for some of your personal information for verifying your membership and after the verification is complete your Dascomb Wine membership club will be terminated.

How To I Know My Dascomb Wine Membership Is Cancelled 

Once your wine membership is cancelled you will be notified from Dascomb Cellars Service from an automatic email with a message your dascomb wine club membership has been terminated. Which means now you don’t have to further money for the membership.

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