How To Cancel Hulu Subscription

cancel hulu subscription

If you’re looking for proper step by step guides for cancelling your hulu subscription. In this case , you visited on the right place this article contain all possible ways from which you can cancel hulu subscription. As we all know Hulu in an TV streaming service from which you can easily watch tv shows on your Smart TV, iPhone, Android or Mac device and much more.

How To Cancel Hulu Subscription | Step by Step Guides 

Step 1:

Open and login into your Hulu Account. To open your Hulu Dashboard.

Step 2:

Go to the upper right corner, Click on your name to open settings.

Step 3:

Scroll down a little bit until you see a option “Cancel” in bottom of the right web page. Click to open it.

Step 4:

Now Click on “Cancel Your Subscription”. A new tab will be opened. Move your mouse “Continue To Cancel” button and hit. The page will redirect you to the final page for cancellation process.

Step 5:

Hit “Yes, Cancel Subscription” button at the bottom of the page. After step 5 you will cancel your hulu subscription along with billing period and doing so your subscription will be cancelled in few minutes.

Cancel Hulu Subscription Over The Phone | 888-265-6650

In case if you don’t access to the internet network. Then you can also cancel your hulu subscription over the phone. The Hulu Customer Service will terminate your subscription in few minutes after confirmation of your subscription.

Step 1:

Pick up your cell phone and Dail (888-265-6650) Hulu Customer Service Phone Number.

Step 2:

When your line connect to the Hulu Service Center, Press the 6 button to speak to the representative.

Step 3:

The Hulu Customer Representative will ask your account details such as name and personal information regarding the subscription. After proving the information, the representative will again ask you will you want to cancel your subscription. Say yes.

Your hulu subscription will terminated in minutes. As for confirmation you will get an automatic email from Hulu Customer Service with a message “Your Hulu Subscription has been terminated “.

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