How To Cancel Truthfinder Subscription

how to cancel truthfinder online

What is Truthfinder?

TruthFinder is an best background check platform in it you can sailing check details about the peoples we want to know more. However, to access complete access to all information you’ve to purchase TruthFinder membership plan. 

And believe its total waste of money, I you’re thinking to terminate truthfinder account then before this you’ve to cancel truthfinder subscription. 

In this article, we guide to the complete process of cancelling truthfinder membership.

Truthfinder Cancel Subscription Complete Guides

Basically there are two ways for truthfinder cancel subscription. You can Either terminate your account via call or from the website dashboard. We going to tell both ways.

Process To Terminate TruthFinder Memebership

As I said, there are two ways to terminate your truthfinder account subscription plan. 

  • TurthFinder Customer Care
  • Manually From The Account Settings

How To Cancel TruthFinder Subscription Over The Call

To terminate truthfinder membership over the cell phone you’ve to contact to the TurthFinder customer service representative via truthfinder customer phone number.

  • TF Customer Service Number : ((800) 699-8081)

When contact to the representative over the phone, Explain why you want to terminate your membership plan and ask to truthfinder cancel subscription. 

According to the TruthFinder Cancel Subscription policy. Your request will be processed immediately with in few minutes sometime it may take about 30 minutes 

The representative may required some of your account details for verification. Such as username or password.

How To Cancel Truthfinder Online

You can also cancel your truthfinder subscription by your self without taking any expert help. Just follow below given step by step guides.

Step 1:

Login into your TruthFinder Account using your username and password.

Step 2:

Go to the Dashboard, Navigate To Truthfinder Cancel Membership link. It is located in the subscription area.

Step 3:

Choose the reason for cancelling your Truthfinder subscription. Click on Continue button.

How Do I Know My Subscription Is Canceled 

There is a way to find out, Truthfinder cancel your subscription or not. When you request for cancellation your membership. Company will send you a email as a confirmation that your TruthFinder is Terminated. 

You’ll receive email from the TruthFinder Customer service within few minutes of your cancellation request. 


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