How To Cancel Your YMCA Membership

how to cancel ymca membership online

cancel YMCA membership online? If you searching for a step by step process to cancel your YMCA membership without facing a penalty.

Cancel YMCA Membership | Step By Step Guides 

Basically, you cannot cancel your YMCA membership over the phone or visiting any website. For the cancellation, you’ve to visit YMCA Center near me. And submit a cancellation form that we will provide you in this article. Follow the below-given step by step instructions.

Step 1

Visit the YMCA Membership Cancellation webpage.

Note: Submitting this form will not automatically cancel your subscription. Doing this step will inform YMCA that you want to cancel your membership and it will forward your request to your nearest YMCA center.

But it nescearry to visit the nearest YMCA branch to submit this cancellation form by your own self.

Step 2

After this, your cancellation request will be forward and your membership is terminated within 5 to 10 days


YMCA Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-872-9622

Email Support:

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