How To Cancel Worldventures Membership

How To Cancel Worldventures

What is WorldVentures?

The Worldventures is a United States based company offer lots of business opportunities to the start business. Basically, it’s a privately held company active in worldwide and has its members in 34 markets across the world. However, to get complete access to the company services you’ve to purchase its membership.

In case if you want to cancel Worldventures membership and don’t know the process of terminating the membership of Worldventuers, here we can help you.

Things to Remember Before You Cancel Your Worldventures Subscription

There are some important things you should consider before cancelling world ventures membership. Such as Worldventures cancellation fee or refund policy of the company.

  • If you cancel your Membership after booking a DreamTrip or other travel using your Membership WorldVentures may choose to cancel your travel.
  • Your Membership shall remain in effect until it was terminated by you by sending, in writing or you received email notice of cancellation of your Membership to WorldVentures by certified mail to 5100 Tennyson Parkway, Plano, TX 7502.
  • If you cancel Worldventures membership and get a full refund within 14 days from your signup date.

How To Cancel Worldventures Membership in 5 Steps

Typically, there are two ways to cancel your Worldventures membership you can either cancel membership via sending email to the company official email address or else contact the Worldventures Customer Service. In this article, we let you know both ways.

Cancel Worldventures Membership Via Email 

Follow given below step by step to send email to the Worldventures customer service help center to cancel your membership.

Step 1:

Compose a new email to (

Step 2:

Enter In the subject section (Mritunjay Jadon (65XXXXXX) CANCELLATION). Replace Mrtiunjay Jadon with your name.

Step 3: 

In message type following details with your personal information.

Good day,

I would like to cancel/terminate my recent membership with Worldventures.

My data as below:

Name: Mritunjay Jadon
Rep ID#:  65XXXXXX
Phone: 123456789
Product(s):  DreamTrips Platinum, Representative Business System
Sponsor: Sid Jadon, 65XXXXXX
Reason: Change my mind about joining the program/ membership and feel that the program not suitable for me.

Step 4:

Send Email, After a few minutes you receive an automatic email from Eventum@localhost. The Email contains your account details and it also confirms that your cancel membership request is accepted by the company

Step 5: 

After 2 to 3 business days, you again receive an email as a confirmation your Worldventures membership is cancelled successfully.

In case, if you want more information regarding cancelling membership via email then visit  Worldventures Complete Cancellation post.

Cancel Worldventures via Customer Service Support

You can also terminate your membership with the help of the customer service representative.

Worldventure Customer Service Phone Number : (972-805-5100)

The time to dial will be Mon to Fri 8:30 AM to 5 PM and Sat to Sun closed.


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    I need to cancel my membership and terminate my contract with world ventures

    • admin Post authorReply

      Just flow above given step by step guides. In case it doesn’t help try to reach WorldVentures Customer Service

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