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Las Vegas Athletic Club

The LVAC has founded in 1977  as racquetball club and now its a premium gym in las vegas, the club operates multiple athletic campaigns related to fitness and family-oriented exercise facilities. Basically, the company bestows all health services to its customers. To enjoy company services you’ve been its member for that you’ve join an LVAC membership.

However, it’s not a point where you come all the way from Google to know the complete process of terminate LVAC membership.

Step by Step Guides To Lvac Cancel Membership

Getting out of an lvac contract is easy there is a process to cancel lvac membership via your online account or else contact to Lvac customer service and cancel your subscription.

Step 1:

Dial (702) 734-8944 from your cell phone it will contact you at the Las Vegas Athletic Club Customer Service representative.

Step 2:

Request to cancel your membership, the representative may require some of your account details.

Note: You can only cancel your membership if you move or have a doctor’s note.

Step 3: 

After a few minutes, you receive an email from Lavc customer service that your membership is cancelled. Don’t reply to this email is an automatic email.

Lavc Membership Cancellation Fee

Yes, there is a lavc cancellation fee for terminating your membership. According to the LAVC pricing policy, the cancellation fee will depend on the number of days you have worked out in the las vegas gym.

Lavc Cancellation Number:  (702 734-8944)

Email Support :

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